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William Smith

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​Advanced Preprocessing


William (Bill) Smith is an environmental scientist with 15 years of service at the Idaho National Laboratory. He earned his master’s degree in environmental science and waste management from Idaho State University in 2000. His past work includes applied research and development in bioremediation and stabilization of mixed wastes, biological upgrading of industrial wastes to produce value added products, and quantification and control of microbial degradation of biomass feedstocks in storage. As task lead for INL’s Harvest, Collection, and Storage research he and his team perform field trials and laboratory experiments to measure the impacts of logistics operations on feedstock quality, operational costs, and economic and environmental sustainability. Research focuses on balancing feedstock quality and yield during harvest, and controlling moisture, dry matter losses, and feedstock conversion performance in storage. Emerging work includes the development of deployable sensors to permit active quality management early in the supply chain.


​M.S., Waste Management and Environmental Science - Idaho State University

B.S., Education-Music Education - Tennessee Technological University

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​DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Certificate of Honors, Extending existing laboratory-based compositional analyses into a commercial feedstock supply chain, June 30, 2015

Research Interests:

​Biomass harvesting and storage

Biodegradation of feedstocks

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