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Randy Bewley

Lab Space Coordinator

Research Areas:
Power and Energy Systems; Hydrogen and Fuel Cells; Infrastructure and Energy Storage


Randy L. Bewley is a battery test engineer at Idaho National Laboratory’s Battery Test Center, providing performance science evaluation of advanced prototype lithium polymer batteries for the United States Advanced Battery Consortium and other projects. He holds an associate of applied science degree in electronics from Idaho State University. Most recently he has served as lab space coordinator for the Systems Integration Lab and principal researcher and lab space coordinator for the Battery Test Center.  He holds one patent developed at INL for the Feedback Enhanced Plasma Spray Tool.


​A.A.S., Electronics - Idaho State University


​Gevelber, Michael A., Wroblewski, Donald E., Fincke, James R., Swank, William D., Haggard, Delon C., Bewley, Randy L., 2005, "Feedback enhanced plasma spray tool," Patent 6,967,304, November 22, 2005.

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