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Cal Christensen

Research Areas:
Environmental Engineering; Robotics


Cal Christensen is a project engineer at Idaho National Laboratory whose work has included the development of remote systems for the nuclear environment, applications and military applications. He has been a program manager, project manager and project engineer over R&D, design and fabrication teams that have developed sensor systems, robotic platforms, intelligent control systems and deployed them in the field. Most recently he has been project engineer over the design, development, fabrication and installation of shielded hot cells and instrumentation inside the cells at INL’s Materials and Fuels Complex. He is pursuing his doctorate in intelligent controls from University of Idaho, where he earned his master’s in mechanical engineering. He holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Arizona State University.


M.E., Mechanical Engineering - University of Idaho

B.S., Mechanical Engineering - Arizona State University

​Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Idaho

Registered Project Management Professional (PMP)


Utility/Manufacturers Robotics User Group (UM/RUG)
International Society of Information Fusion (ISIF)


​“Technologies for Removal of Hazardous Materials from Subsurface Environment”, 1st International Symposium on Systems & Human Science, Osaka, Japan, Nov. 2003, by Cal Christensen.

“Development of Deployment Technologies for Long-Term Subsurface Monitoring Sensors”, Spectrum 2002, by David M. Weinberg, Cal D. Christensen.

“Driving Point Impedance—A New PARADIGM for Detecting Fracture and In Situ Stress in Boreholes”, SME 2002, by David M. Weinberg, Jack H. Cole, Robert R. Reynolds, Cal D. Christensen and Stephen R. Novascone.

"Tank Riser Characterization System," ANS 1994 Annual Meeting, June 19-23, 1994.

"Light Duty Robotic Arms for the Characterization of Underground Storage Tanks," Spectrum '92, Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Management International Topical Meeting, August 23-27, 1992.

"Remote Inspections of Underground Storage Tanks," American Nuclear Society 1992 Summer Meeting, June 8-12, 1992.

"Remote Inspection at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory," American Nuclear Society 1992 Summer Meeting, June 8-12, 1992.


​United States Department of Energy Secretary’s Achievement Award, 2011
INL Laboratory Director Award, 2011
Letter of Commendation Department of Army, 2006
LockHeed Martin Presidents Award, 1999
George Westinghouse Signature Award of Excellence Bronze Winner 1988, 1989, 1991, and 1992

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