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Tanveer Hussain

Research Areas:
Electrical engineering; Power Systems; Modeling and Simulation


Dr. Tanveer Hussain is a postdoctoral research associate in Idaho National Laboratory's Power and Energy Systems group. His research is focused on transmission switching methodologies for preventing post-contingency loss of load in wide area electric power networks, enhancing the reliability and security of electricity supply. He earned his doctorate in electrical engineering from South Dakota State University. He holds a master's in electrical engineering from Politecnico di Milano and a bachelor's in electrical engineering from the National University of Sciences and Technology in Islamabad, Pakistan.​


T. Hussain, S. M. S. Alam, T. M. Hansen, and S. Suryanarayanan, “The LSBmax algorithm for boosting resilience of electric grids post (N-2) contingencies," The Journal of Engineering, Special Issue on Engineering Techniques and Technologies to Enhance Power System Resilience, The IET, Oct. 2021, [Online Open Access]

T. Hussain, S. Suryanarayanan, T. M. Hansen and S. M. S. Alam, "A Fast and Scalable Transmission Switching Algorithm for Boosting Resilience of Electric Grids Impacted by Extreme Weather Events," in IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 57893-57901, 2022, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3179470.


​T. Hussain, S. Suryanarayanan, and S. M. S. Alam, “Hybridized transmission switching for contingency management in electric power systems," International patent application: PCT/US21/26540, filed Apr. 9, 2021.​


T. Hussain, S. Suryanarayanan, T. M. Hansen and S. M. Shafiul Alam, “A Computationally Improved Heuristic Algorithm for Transmission Switching Using Line Flow Thresholds for Load Shed Reduction," 2021 IEEE Madrid PowerTech, 2021, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/PowerTech46648.2021.9494794.

M. Sinha, R. G. Kadavil, M. Panwar, T. Hussain, S. Suryanarayanan, S. M. Shafiul Alam, and M. Papic, “An Integrated High-performance Computing and Digital Real-time Simulation Testbed to Benchmark Closed-loop Load Shedding Algorithms in Power Systems," 2020 52nd North American Power Symposium (NAPS), 2021, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/NAPS50074.2021.9449781.

M. Sinha, M. Panwar, R. Kadavil, T. Hussain, S. Suryanarayanan, and M. Papic, “Optimal load shedding for mitigation of cascading failures in power grids", in Proc. of 10th ACM International Conf. on Future Energy Systems, 2019, pp. 416-418.


National runners up in “Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings (GEB) challenge" for “Fall 2020 Jump into STEM" competition organized by National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Colorado State University awarded “Alternative energy sources graduate scholarship" during Ph.D. degree.

Politecnico di Milano awarded “Alta Scoula Politecnica" scholarship during master's degree. This scholarship was awarded to only 20 international students each year.

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